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In an effort to continue to evolve and innovate, the 4th Annual Women Interactive Creative Technology Festival will depart from its typical format of workshops, film shorts and keynote speakers to host an all women hack event. We’ve had the opportunity to bring together women who work in all aspects of the technology and startup spaces as well as women who use technology creatively. This year we want to take all of that good energy and use it to solve a community issue with technology. Whether you’re a hackathon veteran or a newbie, join us as we put our heads together for a great cause!

About Us

Women Interactive is a creative technology organization with a focus on empowering women and women of color to be actively involved in the tech and startup industries.


As creative technologists, we explore the intersection between the arts, technology and life through articles, stories and pictures that we share in our blog.


Our festival is curated by a team of experts in the fields of technology, creativity, content creation and business.


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