Welcome to Women Interactive!

You might have noticed we look a little different…

Women Interactive Creative Technology Festival was created as a result of our desire to empower women to be active participants in the tech industry. We wanted to create a safe, cool, fun and informative environment where smart, innovative women working in tech or interested in entering the tech space could come together to network, learn and be inspired. It was hard work, but we learned a lot.  Most of all, we thoroughly enjoyed spending festival days with you and look forward to many more.  On top of that we got tons of great feedback about how to best empower you.

That feedback led us to this new website.

We discovered that while you do need a comfortable environment to meet others and be inspired, you also need information, resources, insight and support.  So, we’re re-launching the Women Interactive website to feature the tech and media news and resources that reflect your unique point of view.

But this is just the beginning. As with any good tech company we will continue to learn and grow with you, which will allow us to tweak and fine tune the website to best suit your needs.  So don’t hold back, tell us what you want!

How can we help you be a more active participant in the world of technology? Is it education, networking opportunities, startup advice?  We’re all ears and we want to hear from you. Thanks for supporting Women Interactive.  Stay tuned as we continue to learn, grow and thrive.

Ashia & Sabrina

Founders, Women Interactive