What were you doing when you were 13? Were you making couture dresses? Yeah, I figured as much–me either.

Isabella Rose Taylor is an up-and-coming fashion designer, and at only 13, she’s having her juniors fashion line featured in Nordstrom. Like her blood, sweat and glitter motto suggests, she’s a hard working creative with humble beginnings. Isabella was only 8 years old when she attended sewing camp, and not long after she began making her own clothes for friends and family, which soon led to her debut at a local trunk show.

It’s nice that her parents had the means to hire a coaching firm, Fashion Accelerator 360, to help her understand the business aspect and structure of the industry.

Not to take anything away from Isabella, but accessibility and privilege immediately come to mind. Obviously, if you believe in your child and their talents you should help them bring their dreams to fruition.

To have a dream is not a luxury, but in many cases to pursue one is. For some, day-to-day living and basic necessities trump following one’s passion.

That being said, people often overcome obstacles and are still able to fully realize their dreams. Perseverance is essential. The bottom line is that doors open up faster when you have access, this is not a theory, it’s not up for debate. But it is definitely worthy of consideration.

One thing is for certain, Isabella has an ‘it’ factor and a bright future ahead of her–can’t wait to see what she does next!




ready or not

ready or not

go back to school in style- August 2014

go back to school in style-
August 2014

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