Cell phones are like our children, we hold them, play with them and we even get nervous if we even think we’ve lost them. And just like children, your cell phones can get pretty dirty and end up attracting all kinds of germs that can be harmful to you. So how do you keep your ‘baby’ clean and germ free?   Taking your phone into the bathroom is kinda gross, especially with so much bacteria flying around.  No, you can’t put antibacterial soap on phones–so scratch that idea.

  • Be sure to clean your hands of all dirt, grease, and sticky stuff before touching your phone.
  • Wipe the screen with electronic approved wet wipes to remove dirt and makeup left behind from holding it so close to your face all the time.
  • Hope that the person that asked to borrow your phone doesn’t have ‘cooties’.

Adhering to these simple steps can keep you and your mobile lifeline safe and germ free.