The summer months bring us sunshine, much needed vitamin D and overall rest and relaxation. Growing up and having the summer months off  has ruined us, and as a result we tend to slow down and become less productive in the summertime. We still have to go to work to make ends meet (or at the very least, ‘somewhat acquainted’)Staying focused can be challenging, here are somethings you can do:

  • Wars have been waged over the office thermostat. It’s a very serious thing, any extreme could prove key in lowered productivity. Too hot and it can feel like a sweatshop, too cold and you fall into Eskimo territory. Bring a sweatshirt or blanket , or both!  A portable desk fan is ideal if you’re the only person who is constantly burning up and fighting back beads of sweat.
  • Plan all the stuff you’re going to do on your days off (after you’ve done what you’re supposed to do, of course). Think about some of the BBQ’s you’ll be attending, whose pool parties you’ll be going to and what cute summer outfits you will wear. Make a spreadsheet, finally Excel can do something for you.
  • Try eating your lunch outside, enjoy the nice weather and a cool breeze, you can still check Twitter and update your Facebook, thank goodness for WiFi, right?? Treat yourself to selfie in the sun.
  • If you’re unable to actually leave or take a trip somewhere ‘staycations’ can be just as relaxing, just try to completely unplug–stay away from your phone and email as long as possible.
the summertime struggle

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