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See 2012 Women Interactive Programming Schedule here


Festival attendees get a “hands on” approach to technology by actually using and interacting with innovative technology products.

Features of the atrium could include:

  • Social Media Corner- Volunteers with computer tablets help attendees to tweet, make post to Facebook, post pictures to Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Sponsors will have signage with twitter handles, hashtags and QR codes posted to encourage live tweeting.
  • Bloggers Circle- Tech & Lifestyle bloggers will live tweet and blog about event on-site.QR Codes- Various QR codes posted on-site, will feature deals on technology products and/or enter them into drawing for a free product.
  • App Demonstrations Technology companies will exhibit and allow attendees to interact with newly created apps designed by or for women
    Video Game Demos- Attendees will get to interact with the latest video game technology.
  • Tech Product Demos -Attendees have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the latest in technological products, including mobile applications.


Festival attendees can participate in media and technology workshops, specifically geared toward the creation and sharing of media content. All exhibitions and education workshops are executed in 30, 20 and 15 minute intervals allowing attendees to get lots of information in a short amount of time.

Some of the topics in the Education Suites could include:

  • Training on using software applications that create or manage content
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Use of Apps to Create Content
  • Video Boot Camp
  • Using Technology to Create Social Change


Festival attendees experience cutting edge media content and advanced technological exhibitions. All exhibitions and digital content screenings are executed in 30, 20 and 15 minute intervals allowing attendees to get lots of information in a short amount of time.

Inspiration Hall

Event attendees will be invited to experience technology as it relates to content creation from an exhibition perspective. These exhibitions will be shared in a few different ways:

Panel Discussions: Moderated discussions with industry professionals

Technology Exhibitions: Technology demonstrations from some of the prestigious technology firms and academic institutions in the area

Tech Talks: Industry leaders talk innovation, technology and the world of creativity in the 21st Century

If you or a colleague is interested in speaking or exhibiting, please fill out the Exhibitor/Workshop Facilitator Entry Form.

Screening Rooms

Event attendees will be able to experience cutting edge content that has been created. Women creators of short form digital content are invited to submit their work to be screened and considered for the “Best Digital Short” Award. This content must come in specific forms.

Micro-Shorts: Films that are 1 to 4 minutes in duration, made with a mobile device, film or video.

Phone Short Films: Shorts filmed by mobile phone devices.

Interactive Exhibitions: Videos, Film and Interactive Digital Art Installations

Short Films/Web-Series: Short Films, Web-series from around the world

If you or a colleague is a content creator interested in showcasing work, please visit Call for Digital Content for more information and to fill out the online application form.



Women Interactive is based on an overall theme of content creation.

The purpose of the Creative Technology Festival is to empower creatives, women and accidental techies to take control of their story by becoming not just consumers of content, but creators as well.

Women Interactive is built on three pillars: Interact, Educate, Inspire.

What is content?

Content is anything that can be created and shared. It can be spoken or written in the form of a blog post, short story, memo, letter, script, poem, etc. It can also be visual in the form of video content, sculpture, photography, graphic arts, etc. As we focus on empowering Women Interactive attendees to become content creators, there are three tracks to support that focus.

Track 1: Creating Content

We create content every day without realizing it. When you have an idea that you share, you are a content creator. The key is to determine the proper purpose for the content and the best form to communicate your idea. Not sure where to start, we can help with that.


Track 2: Sharing Content

Once you hit “publish” on that blog post or share your latest piece of art on Facebook, you’ve officially shared your content. However, most people want to share their content and receive feedback or spark discussion. It helps to have an idea of the different ways that content can be shared and to create a plan to maximize them. Many people want to be the next viral Rockstar.


Track 3:  Monetizing Your Creativity

We see them on television all the time, people who’ve managed to make a living off of their creativity. But you don’t have to be the next Scarlett Johansson and make $20 million a film to make a living off of your creativity. It is possible for us regular folks to make money off of the content we create. While we won’t be able to show you how to make $20 million off of your compelling piece of content, we can provide you with some tools to begin turning your content into dollars.